R*E*P*E*A*T Presents
Blue Light Club - Match Stick Men ep.

Blue Light Club are a band of college kids from Cambridge.

While lots of young bands want to make as much racket as possible, what makes Blue Light Club interesting are the spaces, gaps and silences between their grooves. The guitars swirl and ripple, tumbling over the riverbed of the driving rhythm section, leaving spacious pools for the thoughtful lyrics delivered in an remarkably confident, accomplished and striking manner. While not exactly 'rock music for people who don't like loud noises', Blue Light Club are certainly bigger on ideas and potential than brain-dead decibels. And that is probably how it should be.

Having already turned heads on the local scene, Blue Light Club are now seeking to spread their quiet noises further afield. This, their debut ep, was recorded in R*E*P*E*A*T's own DIY studio, and is set to be released digitally and as a limited edition hand made CDr on June 16th which you can order here.

Join the quiet revolution - visit the Blue Light Club.

For more information contact Richard Rose rosey@repeatfanzine.co.uk