What's the point in always looking back
When all you see is more and more junk...

Here are some randomly selected images from the R*E*P*E*A*T scrapbook of the days before we had the interweb which we blu-tacked to the wall of our Junction gig and laughingly called an exhibition...

Jazz Saff, Boat Race, 15.12.97



Art work and hand stamped label from our first release


One Way Down, Portland Arms, 22.12.97


The Saffs, Cambridge Boat Race, 11.10.97





Virgin Suicides Fuck the Jubilee sleeve


The Saffs visit Cottenham, Primary School, 3.12.97 (NB future members of The Virgin Suicides also present).


Kenickie, Boat Race, 28.10.97


Jason Freeboy recording backing vocals for Foxy Ramone's "I'm A Believer", Cottenham playscheme, summer 1998.


The Flamingoes, our first ever interviewees, Cambridge Boat Race, 1.2.95.


Our Our fastest selling single - the original version of Drowning by Numbers, 2003


Ed S*M*A*S*H (whose S*T*A*R*S we stole), Bedford, 14.12.95.


The Hammers CD which brought us our first national TV coverage - live on Blue Peter!

Saffs fans at the Boat Race, 23.3.98.


Kenickie, Boat Race, 28.10.96.


S*M*A*S*H, Bedford, 1994.


60 Foot Dolls, Cambridge Junction, 9.4.95.


Danny Wildheart, Cambridge Corn Exchange, 29.9.95.


The Saffs, Boat Race, 11.9.97.


Richey Manic, c.1994, photographer and venue unknown.


Jason Freeboy, Camden Monarch, mid 1997.


Post card from Nicky Wire to Class 3R, 1993.


Swansea City goal keeping legend Roger Freestone, Vetch Field, 15.8.96.


Space Maid, Chelmsford Y Club, 7.12.96.


James Dean Bradfield, Corn Exchange, 11.10.96.


Attila the Stockbroker, Boat Race, 19.4.97.



R*E*P*E*A*T crew, including from left Phil Rose Esq, Jazz Saff, Andy Exile Greg Saff and Rowan C, at the Newcastle Fanzine Convention, 25.10.99


Captain Sensible and friend, Boat Race, late 1996.


A mess of highlighter and pritt stick - issue one.