Press Release 10.10.04
Going, Going, Gone
The Hammers 1999 -2004
The Hammers, R*E*P*E*A*T's youngest and perhaps biggest stars, have decided to knock it on the head due to 'artistic differences' and a belief that they had taken the band as far as it could go.

During their 5 years together, they released two sell out CDs on R*E*P*E*A*T Records off-shoot Big Badger Recordings, appeared on live national children's TV, played The Junction, Strawberry Fair and Parker's Piece as well as at many school gigs. They wrote some fantastic songs, sold hundreds of badges and thousands of stickers, signed stacks of autographs, were recognised on the streets of Cambridge and ate several tons of chips. As they said at their final band meeting, they have a lot to be proud of, especially as they were all aged 9 and 10 when they began the band.

However, their manager and record label owner Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T, stressed that the band's achievement is not just to be seen in the context of "being good for their age". What marked them out from hundreds of other young bands was the way they managed to combine and extend their influences, rather than just ripping them off. Thus at their best they combined the ferocious onslaught of nu-metal with the candied heart of indie pop, the energy of raw punk rock with a deference to classic guitar-based rock'n'roll. The drumming was spectacular, the bass playing imaginative, the guitars brilliantly accomplished yet in yer face, the vocal lines infectious and the lyrics stunningly intelligent. The Hammers were far from being just another young band.

Vocalist Jordan Hacan Ramone has already performed several solo gigs and is now rehearsing with a new band. Time will tell what guitarist Matt, bassist Mick and drummer Dan will get up to next. Whatever any of them do, it's bound to be special - but it will have to be pretty darn special to better what they've already achieved with The Hammers.

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The Hammers were formed after a talent show at their local junior school where Matt (guitars), Mick (bass) and Tom (drums) performed without a singer. Later in the bill Jordan performed a solo slot; impressed by his performance, the others asked him to join and a legend was born.


A flurry of gigs followed, playing with local bands including Radio One faves Alcopop and Foxy Ramone. Drummer Tom was soon replaced by Dan, the youngest member of the band but certainly not the quietest! Their enthusiasm, ability and love of loud noises soon attracted interest, and they were asked to record their debut single “When You Go Away” at the local Newton Cucumber recording studio. This was released by Big Badger Recordings, part of R*E*P*E*A*T Records, and has now nearly sold out.


As a result of the single the boys were interviewed live on local radio and in the press and were invited to play the enormous Party in the Park event in the middle of Cambridge. Six months later the CD achieved more than anyone dreamed possible, it led to The Hammers being asked to play live to a million viewers on Blue Peter!


Despite all the attention and adoration, the band are keeping their feet firmly on the ground. They are currently working on their follow up single, and playing gigs around Cambridge. If you want to get hammered, contact the band and keep in touch


The Hammers