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Bernie Or Bust
Phil Rose esq argues that the only way to be realistic is to demand the impossible...


The Masses against the classes
Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T argues that to harness recent political upheavals to change the world, we need to find the correct place to insert the levers


Upper-Fourth At Filory-Towers
A Parody
Cambridge Unite Against Fascism
Statement about attempted surveillance of our activities

What's the Point of Nick Clegg?
Nick Clegg and his ilk are the irrefutable proof that politicians are there for status and not for convictions, writes Andrew of band Manifest


according to kUZE rEN

Don't Need A Weather Man To Know Which Way The Wind Blows...
Thoughts on extreme weather by kUZE rEN


Green Planet Retro-fit
by kUZE rEN
How To Light a Prairie Fire
By David Rovics
Report from UAF / LMHR conference 2010
No more Platform for Nazis on the BBC
Owen Holland explains why he tried to stop Nick Griffin's appearance on 'Question Time'


We Kettled the BNP
A Report from the Unite Against Fascism protest at the BNP's Red White and Blue 'Festival'


Fascist Public Servants Exposed as BNP Chickens Come Home to Roost -
Love Music Hate Racism statement


No Platform for the BNP!
Sheraz Qureshi explains why he thinks the Nazis shouldn't be given speaking rights at his college


Ignore their orders, destroy all borders

Sheraz Qureshi puts forwards some facts and destroys some myths


Alaskan Women Reject Palin, Alaska, September 2008
We Her Majesty's Prisoners..?
Sheraz Qureshi says off with their heads...

The evidence mounts that some things aren't fair -
Mark Steel's piece about the Raytheon Campaign that The Independent wouldn't print


BBC’s White Season is founded on racist lies
- window dressing for Gordon Brown’s assault on welfare?


Jack Boot Straw - Respect comments on Straw, the veil and Islamophobia



Israeli Jackboots - Stop the War briefing notes
David Cameron vs Lethal Bizzle - defending Lethal Bizzle and the black music scene from the Tories

Ken Livingstone in "suspended from being Mayor by idiots" fiasco by Seymour Glass

George Galloway on Big Brother, Tower Hamlets and Respect
Who Shot The Sheriff? Rocking Against Racism
London's Burning - Phil Rose writes on the London Bombings
Bush and Blair's Smoking Gun... Phil Rose on new evidence that the Iraq war was planned 6 monthsin advance



'A Republican Prayer' - The 23rd Psalm According to Dubya
'The Media's Two Minute Hate' Mike Rosen looks at the shit kicked up by George Galloway
'My Little Rebellion' - Kicking Against the Pricks in Election 2005

"To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe:" A conspiracy theory of the US Elections


The Kids are Alright - Michael Moore reflects on the US elections
Noam Chomsky and Phil Rose esq write about the legacy of Ronald Reagan
Reagan and the Real Problem by Jimmy Henry
'Out of the Mouths of Babes...' - an anti war bed time story
50 Facts to make you want to change the world
Empathy for the enemy - Iraqis follow American example
Rocking Against Racism - Again
Balls to the Flag by Phil Rose esq
Thom Yorke on the Hutton Report
Why I Hate the Israeli Lobby by Phil Rose Esq
Nothing But Contempt for Kilroy Silk by Martin Smith
Thoughts on 9/11 anniversary by Julian Gough
US troops in Shannon
Reasons to Love Music and Hate Racism, by Steven Wells
Is Blair really a Christian?
Mark Morford
Bernard Manning pulls out of Nazi Gig by the Anti Nazi League
Mark Morford
Blair is still a tosser by Gordon Glass
Mark Morford
Blair is a tosser by John Pilger
Mark Morford
Is it OK to hate Bush?
(isn't the answer obvious?) by Mark Morford
Mark Morford

My trip to Sainsburies by Phil Rose esq

Phil Rose
Sympathy for the Monarchy by Seymour
Review of ANL rally