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Getting gigs in Cambridge
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R*E*P*E*A*T Music Services

The Big Badger Music Shack offers quality recording at a budget price. Based in deepest North Arbury, its compact yet relaxed atmosphere is suitable either for recording 'live' or in separate takes.

Recent successes include tracks recorded for Keys and Deep City (both played on 6Music) along with recordings for Saltfen, SIAH, Matty and the Bullsharks, Pop Art, Beverley Kills, The Shills and many more


Cheap CD duplication

R*E*P*E*A*T offers very cheap CDr duplication on our super-duper state of the art copier. Bands using our service include Deep City, Matty and the Bullsharks, SIAH, Saltfen The Shills, Ten City Nation, Johnny Panic, Cosy Cosy, Bomb Factory, and Miss Black America.

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Other Recording Studios with links to R*E*P*E*A*T

Saltwell Studios

New studio opened by Chris Pepper whose work at the hub as well as in numerous interesting and talented bands and as a producer means that he has a knack for drawing out potential from all sorts of acts. Take a look here and get in touch


Grange Farm Studions near Ely

A state of the art recording and production facility located in the beautiful and unique Fenland countryside. With the residential option, the studio is housed in a purposefully designed and renovated 200 year old barn on 10 acres of land, running a Pro-Tools HD2 system with both a DigiDesign C|24 console and Soundcraft 6000 36 channel mixer, with plenty of outboard processors and a variety of microphones. The spacious, double height live room contains a Winchester piano, Pearl Export Drums and guitar and bass amps. There is also a dead room and a large studio lounge with plenty of comfy places to chill, sky TV and entertainments system, all with full air-con.

Grange Farm studio has a stunning setting and an inspiring atmosphere, fantastic recording quality at unbeatable prices.

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Manic Street Preachers
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Get played on the radio

Fresh on the net...
6 Music after New Online Bands

I got the below from ex R*E*P*E*A*T writer Rowan a while back but it is still relevant. Rowan now works for radio 1 / radio 6, and I thought you lot might be interested!

Hi Richard,

How are you? Hope all's well and things are going well at school and with the fanzine.

Dunno if you've seen this yet, but my colleagues at 6 Music have launched a new unsigned music show and podcast presented Tom Robinson

The idea is that bands with an online presence submit their music via the website and Tom plays out the best stuff he finds. Tom chooses every track personally (and makes the podcast himself!), so suffice to say it's a great chance for new, unsigned bands to get their material heard...

If you wanna forward this onto anyone who might be interested please feel free.

Hope to see you soon, take care


P.S - Interviewed Bob Mould and Mick Jones last week which reminded me that you bought me my first Husker Du LP and played me my first Clash record, so thank you :)


Radio Air Time for local bands

Rebel Arts Radio
Always keen to hear new acts, especially those with a rebellious edge

Davey Hammond's Smelly Flowerpot
Enthusiastic supporter of the local scene

Stagger Indie
Lovers of all thing indie...

CM Breakthrough
Helping new bands break through

Cam FM Totally Wired
"The Totally Wired Show, with Matt Plumb. Airing on Cam FM Sunday's 11am-Midday featuring some of the best Indie/Rock/Britpop/Unsigned tracks new and old.
We also host monthly Totally Wired gig nights at The Bull Haverhill. "


A Message from Neil Jones of Star FM

Happy New Year n all that malarky.

Am just getting in touch regarding a new feature on my radio show on Star FM. As well as featuring all the usual 'big name' interviews, we hope to be doing more for the local scene and I'll be running a 'new band' slot on the show with a local band live on air every week.

I am keen to get the message out to local bands that there is free airtime for them up for grabs. All they need to do is contact me via




Some older ads - may no longer be in date!!


A new community for comprehensive online guitar education.

The guitar; the most popular instrument in the world, yet only mastered by a few is seeing a new dawn. For the first time, SpyTunes have created a system that reveals how the guitar works as an instrument.

By looking at how popular music has been written on the guitar, Spytunes have developed a scale theory called “The Guitar Conspiracy” and a practice routine called “The Self Eliminating Practice Routine”. Together they explain how music works from the guitars perspective.

Spytunes has been under development for almost 2 years, and with the launch of the new site it now offers its users:
• A complete practice scheme, from beginner to guitar guru standard.
• 50 of the most popular songs of our time analysed through video lessons, linked to a system called DIY TAB. By analysing your own playing you will not only learn the tune, but learn from the tune!
• In SpyTv you can learn more about the people behind the tunes that have shaped our
time. Including video performances and complete biographies.
• HD video for all 650 video lessons. Covering chords, scales, arpeggios, and demonstrations of concepts and tunes.
• A growing community of guitar players learning how to play the guitar as an instrument rather than from muscle memory.

Join as a member
Become a member by making a donation and you will receive even more!
• “The Guitar Conspiracy”, a 335 page guide to how the guitar has shaped popular music harmonically. By understanding this can enter a different level of guitar playing.
• You will get access to the forum where you can discuss your playing with other users and ask The Guitar Guru anything guitar related.
• You can also upload videos of yourself playing. This way everyone in the community
can all have a closer look at your individual development.

So how much does this cost?

SpyTunes is a free guitar tuition website that survives on its members donations, there is no set membership fee.
Having re-launched on the 6th of January 2009, Spytunes has attracted 27,000 visitors/month and has already grown out of two servers, however members are donating generously and they are looking strong for 2009.
Teach you hands the language of music, and learn from the guitars perspective.

To find out more visit


Songwriters - Join PRS!

It used to cost £100 to join the Performing Rights Society, the society dedicated to collecting royalties for songwriters. They will then collect royalties for you if your music is performed on radio or TV, and is also seeking to get internet rights sorted out.

To join look at



Rhythm Online - the best place for all yr indie needs

Rhythm Online is a small independent "record shop on the net", run by Nick and Jude Clarke from our small terraced house in Cambridge, and found at:

We specialise in all things alternative or 'independent', and pride ourselves on the size and comprehensive yet eclectic nature of our listings. We can offer all the newest indie releases and also a huge selection of rare and collectible items. We're also dead good at tracking stuff down for our customers, whether or not it's in our database.


Since our site relaunched in August we've decided to make it our mission to publicise what we do more widely. We think that more than just a small group of those "in the know" around the world would enjoy and use our services if they were aware of them. We are looking, therefore, for any coverage that we can get from relevant publications and websites. Don't you think your readers would like to know about us? If so, please read on and we'll tell you more…


Rhythm's first incarnation was as a market stall in Plymouth, which Nick started in 1985 having quickly tired of a management job at HMV (who had 'headhunted' him when he was happily working for the now-defunct Andy's Records). The market stall soon developed into a mail order catalogue – starting with laboriously hand-typed lists in the pre-computer age, and then slowly evolving in size and sophistication until we finally took the plunge and went online in the early noughties. 2007 saw a dramatic revamp of our previously pretty low-tech website into the current format, which we are trying very VERY hard not to call Rhythm 2.0.


Despite the changing formats over the years, our "ethos" has remained pretty much the same – we are first and foremost music fans, and are in this for the love of music. We are passionate about offering our customers – some of the coolest and most dedicated musos in the world – a real, friendly, helpful, personal service. We care about this stuff, and we also care about making sure our listings are as up-to-date, accurate and relevant as possible for people who share our passion (obsession?).

We now have a database of over 120,000 releases, which is updated several times every day. Not many sites, we think, can match ours for comprehensiveness. The new design also means that our customers can search and interrogate the database in different ways (by release date, by keyword, by artist name), helping them to unearth many an obscure gem from the depths of our listings!


Some lovely people, in recent years, have said things like this about us:

Thanks so much, your website is wonderful!!!

The catalogue is very impressive.

Cheers… a great shopping day for me – I didn't even have to go out in the rain! Exactly what I wanted to do – touch up some stuff I hadn't heard in a while. Thank you.

I'll visit your website every day because I saw a lot of GREAT records, you have the best record store I've seen in my f*cking life.

The customer service has been excellent.

I am well impressed with the service from Rhythm.

Thank you for distributing our releases. You have a nice stock. The right mix between guitar music and electronics.

Your shipment was super fast, awesome service!

Thanks for your help - you seem like a very nice bunch of people.

You have great beautiful stuff!

Thanks very much for getting back to me. I really appreciate it that you have taken the time to do this, it's a pity some so-called bigger e-retailers don't take a leaf out of your book for a lesson in customer service!!

Thanks for having such a cool webpage and shop. We need more alternative shops in the world.

Your lists are impressive. You have lots of hard to find stuff I heard on the John Peel show! Wicked site.

I got the records – in record time and great condition. Thanks a million.

Placing orders with Rhythm makes me feel all 1988-ish.

As customer service goes, this is remarkable.

There is so much good stuff in the catalogue I wish I had more money.


Three Circles Recording Studio

We are based just south east of Cambridge and have just opened our brand new recording studio. We provide studio and location recording services as well as live sound engineering, PA and equipment hire and a wide range of other audio related services.

Our website is


Mobile Recording in Cambridge

I can provide mobile recording of bands, DJs etc. I can travel to your practice room and record you 'live' or track by track.

I have worked with the likes of The Pony Collaboration, The Virgin Suicides, Foxy Ramone, Pilots of the Sixth, AD/HD etc.

Competitive rates for R*E*P*E*A*T Readers!

Mail me for more details