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Press Release 10.3.17

Cambridge Nazi Lawrence Burns Sentenced to 4 Years

Cambridge Unite Against Fascism (UAF) welcomes the 4 year sentence given today to prominent Cambridge Nazi Lawrence Burns.

Burns, a member of the recently banned neo Nazi group National Action, was convicted of stirring up racial hatred at his trial at Southwark Crown Court in December. The court was told that he wanted “to hang the black race”, described Jewish people as “subhuman animals” and expressed an admiration for Adolf Hitler.

Deborah Walsh of the CPS said:
“Lawrence Burns advocated extreme racial violence and hatred through both speaking in public and from behind his keyboard”.

Cambridge UAF believes that there should be no public platforms afforded to those wishing to spout such hate, as these words can have fatal consequences for those targeted by Fascists such as Burns .

Thanks to the consistent efforts of anti Fascists, views held by the likes of Burns remain at the margins of British society. However, a glance at mainland Europe should remind us of the need to continue to be vigilant and to oppose Nazi ideas and activities at every opportunity. In the current climate, where establishment politicians such as Theresa May and Donald Trump continue to use the race card to try to scapegoat refugees and migrants, there continues to be the danger that the seeds will be sown for a Nazi revival.

This is why Unite Against Fascism are calling all on all anti Fascists to attend the Stand Up to Racism demonstration on United Nations Anti Racism Day, March 18th, to send out a large and clear message that all forms of racism are unacceptable. Cheap transport is available from Cambridge, contact the Cambridge Stand Up to Racism Facebook page or email for details.

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