Want a review in R*E*P*E*A*T?

Yes we do accept material for review and up until recently we aimed to review everything we received, especially if it was from unsigned bands or DIY labels, or was the sort of stuff we're into.

Recently the enormous amount of stuff we receive, along with the amount of time taken up by the label, website and gigs (as well as trying to cope with the rest of life) means that we've been floundering a bit. This means that we reluctantly have to be more selective in what we review, although as you can see from the reviews page, we do still write many reviews each month.

If you want to have you stuff considered for review, just send it along to the address below – as you'll have worked out, we can't promise anything, but you
never know.

All the best and thanks for your interest


R*E*P*E*A*T PO Box 438, Cambridge, CB4 1FX


Please remember that despite our best intentions, most of us are only human with full time jobs, college, school or lounging to attend to, and sometimes stuff goes missing or reviews are late, and we can't always reply to personal requests for opinions and advice.

PO Box, 438, Cambridge, CB4 1FX

Thanks for all the stuff you send, we do appreciate it; we are sorry but we can't return your entries!