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Nathan Easton -faces his Mastermind Questions on The Members and Music of Manic Street Preachers, November 2019.
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1. The band's bass player and lyricist performs under the stage name of Nicky Wire; what is his real surname?

2 Which was the band's first studio album to feature the all 3 current members on the band on the sleeve artwork?

3. The 2017 documentary directed by Kieran Evans tells the story of the album Everything Must Go after the disappearance of band member Richey Edwards. What's the title of the documentary?

4. The group played their first public gig supporting the band Funeral In Berlin. In what pub venue in Crumlin in South Wales was the gig held?

5. What music journalist and member of indie pop band St Étienne was an early supporter of the Manics and released their limited edition single Feminine is Beautiful on his record label CAFF?

6. A sample from a track by American hip hop band Public Enemy features at the opening of both Manics' songs R*E*P*E*A*T UK and Motown Junk. What's the title of the tracks?

7. The video for the song Motorcycle Emptiness was filmed in which country?

8. What name did the band give to the Cardiff recording studio which was their base for around a decade until they had to leave it in 2016; it's also the name of Manics' UK top 20 single?

9. Which single was the band's first release on Columbia Records and reached number 40 in the charts in August 1991?

10. Members of the band wrote two songs on Kylie Minogue's 1997 album Impossible Princess. One is called Some Kind of Bliss, what is the title of the other?

11. What is that stage name of Catherine Anne Davis, the Welsh singer and musician who performs on the song Dylan and Caitlin on the 2018 album Resistance is Futile?

12. The opening line of the 1996 Manics' song was inspired by stone engraving above a Pillgwenlly public library in Newport. Which song?

Well done Nathan for getting 10 right under all that pressure, and who cares which king English founded Toffs school Eton?!

(no cheating...)

1. Jones
2. Everything Must Go
3.Escape from History
4. The Railway Hotel in Crumlin
5. Bob Stanley
6. Countdown to Armageddon
7. Japan
8. Faster
9. Stay Beautiful
10. I Don't Need Anyone
11. The Anchoress
12 Design for Life

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