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R*E*P*E*A*T Presents

Hard rockin Cambridge based band

Original and inspired young rock band

Societal Shutdown
New alternative Rock Band from Matlock

Relevant Records Café, Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3NF
Saturday 25th February 7-9pm
Free Entry - collection for Love Music Hate Racism

R*E*P*E*A*T Presents

The Baby Seals
Head-bobbing empower pop from this head turning Peterborough/Cambridge 3 piece.
"Tunes! Bare-naked tunes... An electric guitar and bass, with drummer combo, warmed by vocal harmonies and humour... The songs sweep in like a summer breeze. Think Dum Dum Girls tenacity for songwriting, with an eye for an in-joke and an alternative viewpoint. Here’s a band whose music will shine anywhere, anytime." Thefword.org.uk

"Sun-drenched, infectious indie music is blessed out enough to
make it seem like it’s summer all year round..." Wonderland

Broadway Danny Rose
''Swing from playing Hawaiian tinged ukulele beach pop with a soupçon of Jaques Brel to vividly cinematic instrumental pieces. Their gentle vocals can be as romantic as their song titles, "Beating Hearts of Birds", "The Vampire from Bordeaux", and their rhythmic riffs can be a fun as the attempts of a hapless talent agent to reconcile a lounge singer with his mistress, as he is mistaken for her lover by a jealous gangster'' - The Duke of Uke

Deep City
Awesome young and original indie pop band; moodily dark atmospheric samples and darkpop depths mixed with guitar tunes, combining a love of 80s/90s synth sounds with a 21st century pop sensibility.

Saturday March 11th
The Portland Arms, £5

R*E*P*E*A*T Presents

The Batts


Saturday 25th March 7pm
Relevant Records Café, Mill Rd, Cb1 3NF
Free entry -collection taken for Love Music Hate Racism

R*E*P*E*A*T Presents

Live Sets from




in Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds


Record Store Day

More info to come


R*E*P*E*A*T Presents

A Clash Tribute Night

40 years since the release of their first album, we pay tribute to the ultimate rebel band, The Clash
We will be inviting local musicians to perform their own versions of Clash songs.
Also present will be Tim Satchell, author of a recent book on The Clash.
More details to follow...

Portland Arms, Saturday May 13th
£5 for Love Music Hate Racism and Strawberry Fair

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T's more than 40th birthday bash...

R*E*P*E*A*T Presents

A Strawberry Fair Young Performers Stage Fundraiser


Relevant Records Café, Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3NF
Free Entry - collection for Strawberry Fair

R*E*P*E*A*T Presents


Gavin Chappell-Bates

Release launch double header!

Saturday June 10th 7pm
Relevant Records Café, Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3NF
Free Entry - collection for Love Music Hate Racism

Dingus Khan

Dingus Khan are best described as a band. Two drummers, two bass players
and an electric ukulele wizard are led by this centuries most charismatic
and grotesque guitarist/frontman. They all wear white and sometimes perform
choreographed dance routines. He wears a large flannel dress and occasionally
throws up on himself. Equal measures of rage, discomfort and euphoria are distilled into bone-crushingly heavy rock n' roll wrapped in melodic pop sensibilities;
walls of feedback crash against intricate rhythms and pounding bass lines
whilst somehow retaining a certain harmonious sheen. Genre defying to say the least.
Their debut album 'Support Mistley Swans' was released on Fierce Panda in 2012 to
critical acclaim - hailed by Mary Ann Hobs (XFM) as a 'game changer' and praised
by Art Rocker for “not so much breaking the mould as using post- modern theory to
deconstruct it and remake in their own image.” The record led to Maida Vale
sessions for Steve Lammac, slots at major UK festivals such as Reading + Leeds,
Bestival and Latitude - the bands set at the latter was described as "a masterclass in how to perform at a festival" by BBC introducing.
Sophomore album 'Dunce-Kap' is best described as: two parts punk-
rock one part sea shanty.

Saturday July 15th
Portland Arms, 8pm

Supports and £ TBC

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